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Yom Kippur

Oct 11, 2016 | Blog

Yom Kippur
By Marco Rubio
As sundown approaches, Jews around the world will gather tonight in synagogues from Tallahassee to Tel Aviv, Hollywood to Haifa, and Jupiter to Jerusalem, to hear the Kol Nidre (“all vows”) – which may be the most solemn Jewish prayer of all. Yom Kippur, which continues until tomorrow night at sundown, is a sacred day for Jews who pray to release prior vows, repent for the past, and resolve for the future. I join in solidarity with the Jewish community to observe this Day of Atonement, and pray that God shall seal the Jewish people in the Book of Life.
This day is an opportunity for all Americans, a proud nation founded on Judeo-Christian values, to do the same. All of us can benefit from introspection, looking into ourselves and admitting our failures of the past. And all of us can benefit from deep reflection and seeking to do better in the future.
I pray that Jewish people in Israel, in Florida, and all over the world have an easy and meaningful fast, find a sense of peace, and experience joyous renewal. May this sacred day of reflection and atonement provide a new beginning of health, happiness, and good deeds in the year to come.
G’mar Chatimah Tovah.