Marco Rubio has represented Florida in the United States Senate since 2011, where he has one guiding objective: bring the American Dream back into the reach of those who feel it slipping away.


This invasion of the U.S. is going to get worse…. We are consistently ignoring the needs of everyday, hardworking Americans and putting something or someone above them, over and over and over again. That’s why people lose faith in their institutions.


Blame Biden for the Border Crisis

President Joe Biden blames [the border crisis] on Republicans in Congress…. [But] the greatest factor driving the border crisis is President Biden himself…. Just look at all the actions that led us to this point. Blame Biden for U.S. Border…

Feb 22, 2024

PHOTOS: Rubio Meets with Taiwanese Ambassador to Paraguay, José Han

Feb 21, 2024

PHOTOS: Rubio Meets with President of Paraguay, Santiago Peña

Feb 21, 2024

ICYMI: Rubio Pays Tribute to Alexei Navalny

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