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WTAS: Expanding the Child Tax Credit Should Be a “No Brainer”

Nov 30, 2017 | Press Releases

“The Rubio-Lee plan pays for itself and still would leave the United States with one of the most competitive corporate tax rates in the world.” (Erick Erickson, “The Rubio-Lee Tax Credit is the Right Thing to Do,” The Resurgent, 11/30/2017)
“This should be a no brainer and it is a shame to see the supposedly ‘pro-family’ GOP yet again turning their backs on the very working class families they claim to support.” (Erick Erickson, “The Rubio-Lee Tax Credit is the Right Thing to Do,” The Resurgent, 11/30/2017)
“This would put markedly more money in the pockets of working-class families who play by the rules and are struggling to realize the American Dream. Moreover, an expanded child tax credit could easily be paid for by cutting the corporate tax rate a mere percentage point or so less than the 15-point corporate-rate cut now being proposed by the Senate.” (W. Bradford Wilcox and Samuel Hammond, “A GOP Tax-Reform Proposal That Would Help the Working Class, Not the Donor Class,” The Atlantic, 11/29/2017)
“The Senate Republican tax plan would leave out millions of the poorest families from expanded child tax credits, but Republican Sens. Marco Rubio (Fla.) and Mike Lee (Utah) are pushing a plan to include those families — and to pay for it by taking some proposed tax breaks away from corporations.” (Jeff Stein, “Marco Rubio, Mike Lee push plan to raise corporate tax rate, give benefits to the poor,” The Washington Post, 11/29/2017)
“The Ingenuous Politics Behind Lee-Rubio’s Child Tax Credit Amendment.” (Samuel Hammond, Niskanen Center, 11/29/2017)
“Senators Mike Lee and Marco Rubio are proposing to amend the Senate tax bill to cut the corporate tax rate a little less—where the current bill would take it from 35 to 20, the senators would set it at 22—and help middle-class parents a little more, by letting them claim the child tax credit against payroll taxes. As expected, the Wall Street Journal is editorializing against the proposal. Also as expected, the editorial is longer on sneering than analysis.” (Ramesh Ponnuru, “The WSJ Flips Out On Rubio and Lee,” National Review, 11/30/2017)

“The child tax credit is near and dear to the hearts of certain family-oriented conservatives...It compensates parents — okay, including yours truly — for the work they do raising the people who will fund Social Security and drive economic growth in the years ahead, and it makes it marginally easier for people to choose parenthood to begin with.” (Robert Verbruggen, “Mike Lee, Marco Rubio Will Introduce Amendment to Expand the Child Tax Credit,” National Review, 11/29/2017)
“Increasing child tax credit refundability and paying for it with increased corporate taxes sounds… popular! And difficult to vote against.” (Jim Newell, “How Marco Rubio and Mike Lee Could Shake Up The Tax Vote,” Slate, 11/29/2017)
“The Rubio-Lee Tax Credit is the Right Thing to Do.” (Erick Erickson, The Resurgent, 11/30/2017)
“The Rubio-Lee amendment would modestly increase the CTC for more than 10 million children in low-income working families who would get only a token increase of $75 or less from the CTC expansion in the current Senate bill.” (Chye-Ching Huang, “Trump Favors Larger Corporate Tax Cuts Over More Help for Children in Low-Income Working Families,” CBPP, 11/30/2017)
Why Senate Democrats Should Support the Lee-Rubio Child Tax Credit.” (Samuel Hammond, Niskanen Center, 11/30/2017)

“In essence, for a modestly smaller net gain in the after tax income of upper-income households, the Rubio-Lee amendment adds over 18 million new net-beneficiaries of the tax plan, and substantially increases the tax cut for the middle class. That seems like a winning trade to me.” (Samuel Hammond, “Why Senate Democrats Should Support the Lee-Rubio Child Tax Credit,” Niskanen Center, 11/30/2017)
“18 million parents are meaningfully better off under Rubio-Lee than under the Senate bill alone.” (Ernie Tedeschi, former U.S. Treasury economist, 11/29/2017)