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This Lunar New Year’s Day, Rubio Calls for Freedom, Basic Human Rights in North Korea

Feb 8, 2016 | Blog

In 2014, I was honored to meet with several North Korean defectors during an official visit to South Korea. They spoke movingly about the brutality they experienced at the hands of the regime in Pyongyang. For me, that experience was a powerful reminder that every day millions around the world are denied their most basic human rights and robbed of their God-given freedoms.

On this occasion of the Korean New Year, I join with millions of Americans in celebrating this occasion, while also hoping and praying for the day when the people of North Korea are able to live, work and raise their children free from oppression and fear.  The current conditions endured by millions of North Koreans are reprehensible and unacceptable. It is difficult to comprehend that in the 21st century, modern day gulags still exist. No government has a right to violate its citizens’ basic human rights and deny their fundamental freedoms.  

I will continue to be a voice for the repressed North Korean people, raise awareness of the suffering that occurs there and work to end the cycle of inhumanity.  The United States and our partners must tighten restrictions on the regime and stop its ability to continue its brutality.

Until the people of North Korea are able to enjoy basic human rights, I will continue to stand in solidarity with this great cause of achieving the freedom and opportunity every human being deserves.

This message was transmitted to the North Korean people via Free North Korea Radio.