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The Case of Jon Hammar

Dec 18, 2012 | Blog

Many Floridians and Americans from other states have recently contacted my offices to express their concerns and outrage about Jon Hammar’s situation.

Mr. Hammar is an American military veteran and, as a Floridian, he is also my constituent. Mr. Hammar is currently jailed in Matamoros, Mexico for bringing a hunting rifle into Mexico – in violation of Mexico’s laws.

Since learning of this case, we have been in touch with the Hammar family and contacted the appropriate U.S. federal authorities to learn more about this case and express my interest in Mr. Hammar’s safety. I have also spoken with Mexico’s ambassador to the U.S. about this case and expressed my concerns about Mr. Hammar’s imprisonment, especially the reportedly poor conditions he has been detained in.

In my conversation with Mexico’s ambassador to the U.S., I stressed that the importance of ensuring Mr. Hammar’s safety and having his case resolved as quickly as possible so he can return home to his family and his country.  My office and I will continue to work with all parties involved, including the Hammar family.