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Strengthening Immigration Reform: Amendment Passes To Add Judges To Help Prosecute Cases In Southwest Border States

May 9, 2013 | Press Releases

Amendment will “provide additional permanent district court judgeships in southwest border states.” (Amendment)

CONCERN WITH ORIGINAL BILL: The immigration bill provides opportunities to charge those who cross the border illegally, but it does not account for the additional cases that would be seen in district courts.

HOW THE AMENDMENT STRENGTHENS THE BILL: Senators were able to identify ways to deal with the additional prosecution expected in southwest border states. The Feinstein 2 amendment – cosponsored by Senators John Cornyn, Ted Cruz, and Jeff Flake – prepares for the prompt and efficient prosecution of illegal border crossings and other border crime by adding additional district court judges to the southwest border.

All of the amendments submitted to the Committee on the Judiciary are available online for review here.