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Senator Rubio Votes For A Balanced Budget Amendment

Mar 2, 2011 | Press Releases

Washington, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio voted for Senator Mike Lee’s (R-UT) amendment to force the Senate to go on the record that Congress should pass a balanced budget requirement. While today’s amendment failed to reach the 60 vote threshold, Senator Rubio said he would continue to work to pass an amendment to the Constitution requiring a balanced budget.

“In the Florida House of Representatives, we had to make the tough choices to cut spending where necessary because it was required by a balanced budget amendment. By no means was this an easy process, but it was our duty as elected officials to be accountable to our constituents and to future generations of Floridians. In Washington, a balanced budget amendment is not just a fiscally-responsible proposal, it’s a necessary step to bring to an end the decades-long legacy of out-of-control spending by both parties.

“With a national debt exceeding $14 trillion and a budget proposal from the White House to add even trillions more, we need every tool at our disposal to seriously confront our fiscal crisis. While today’s amendment did not pass, we will keep working until the requirement that Congress pass a balanced budget is enshrined in our Constitution,” said Senator Rubio.

In the U.S. Senate, Senator Rubio is a co-sponsor of two balanced budget amendments. During the campaign, as part of his plan to help cut spending in Washington, Senator Rubio called on the Congress to pass a balanced budget amendment.