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Senator Rubio Talks About The President’s Inaction On The Debt

Apr 19, 2011 | Blog

Senator Marco Rubio
Newsradio 1620-AM’s Rob Williams
April 19, 2011

Senator Rubio: The Radical Left Won’t Allow Any Spending Reductions

Rob Williams: “Well, it’s a matter of does the rest of the Senate, does the White House get it? Is the White House really committed to not overspending humongously and to get things under control? It seems like it’s completely whack.”

Senator Marco Rubio: “Well, the good news is, when was the last time the debate in Washington was about how much to cut? I mean, Washington never cuts. So the fact that we’re even debating how much to cut is a positive development. I think where the President is still struggling is he can’t get away from his base. I mean, he’s got a radical part of his base in his party that won’t let him make any spending reductions or hold up 90 percent of our budget and say, ‘This 90 percent of our budget is untouchable. You can’t make any reductions from this 90 percent.’ Well, you can’t get this problem straightened out if 90 percent of your budget is off limits.

“And then the other thing that’s become orthodoxy for the radical left and the Democratic Party is, you know, ‘We’ve got to raise taxes on rich people.’ Well, that’s class warfare, and how you define ‘rich people’ is pretty nebulous because you’re talking about small businesses, you’re talking about job creators, you’re talking about class warfare, which is no way to encourage job creation in your economy. So, the President has got a political problem in his own party that he needs to somehow get control of the radical left in his own party, get them to wake up and realize the reality of the times we’re living in.”