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Meeting with the Indian Ambassador

Feb 17, 2012 | Blog

India is an important ally and friend.  As the world’s most populous democracy, India is starting to experience some real economic progress as it opens itself up to the world.  As a result, the benefits of free enterprise are steadily lifting more people out of poverty each day.  From a security standpoint, they are a critically important ally in the global war on terror – one that has experienced its own grief at the hands of savage terrorists attacking the Indian people.
On Tuesday, I was honored to meet with Ambassador Nirupama Rao, India’s ambassador to the United States.  We discussed a number of challenges and opportunities facing India, including economic growth, cooperation in the war on terror, nuclear proliferation, AIDS relief and human trafficking.  We also discussed the important role India has to play in helping the Afghan people build a stable and prosperous future for themselves.  During my visit to Afghanistan and Pakistan in January 2011, one thing that was abundantly clear to me is how we must leverage our close relationship with India to help improve Indian-Pakistani relations – something that will hopefully encourage Pakistan to devote more focus and resources on the threat posed by insurgents and terrorists.