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Senator Rubio Marks the One Year Anniversary of Marco’s Constituent Mailbox

Jul 13, 2012 | Press Releases

Washington, D.C. – This week, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio marks the one year anniversary of the Marco’s Constituent Mailbox video series by taking a look at highlights from the past year and addressing new constituent letters on the possible combination of tax increases and spending cuts being called “Taxmageddon”.  

Rollin from St. Petersburg wrote hoping for more information on the end of the year fiscal situation and the prospect of legislation on this issue. Mezzo from Orlando asked Senator Rubio to be a voice of reason in the Senate and demand the looming fiscal cliff be addressed. In responding to these letters, Rubio said, “I will continue to call for action, right now, on tax reform. I will work with anyone who wants to do that, Democrat, Republican, whoever. I will work with anyone who is serious about solving this problem.”

Marco’s Constituent Mailbox First Year Facts

  • Responded to more than 70 constituents from all over Florida
  • Videos have been viewed over 50,000 times on YouTube
  • Answered constituents both in English and Spanish
  • Answered questions on a range of issues including: the national debt, human trafficking, Social Security, jobs, Boy Scout Merit Badges, the American Jobs Act, NASA, free trade agreements, taxes, disaster relief, energy independence, health care, defense spending, Cuban embargo, banning insider trading in Congress, Protect IP and SOPA, immigration, Haiti, the Keystone Pipeline, ObamaCare Mandate against religious freedom, Syria, gas prices, Chen Guancheng, and Fast and Furious

This week’s installment of Marco’s Constituent Mailbox is available on YouTube here