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Senator Rubio Joins GOP Effort To Press Reid On Stalled Budget

May 23, 2011 | Blog

Today, Senator Rubio signed a letter along with all 46 other Republicans in the Senate to press Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to pass the stalled FY2012 budget. After the late night theatrics and near-shut down of the federal government over the FY2011 budget, the American people are tired of the Washington games. For 754 days, the Senate Democrats have refused to pass a budget. In that time, our nation has accumulated approximately $3.2 trillion in new gross debt. This is no way to lead a nation, and Senate Republicans are sending a clear message to Senator Reid: pass a budget now.

Each day that passes without a federal budget plan is another day in which out-of-control spending jeopardizes America’s economic future, national security, and jobs. Just last week, our country reached its $14.3 trillion debt limit. This staggering number is a reminder of the failed leadership that has brought us to this point. The voters in the November 2010 elections sent a clear message that the American people will no longer endure the “business as usual” politics of Washington. It is time for leaders in Washington to do the right thing and pass a budget for the future prosperity of our great nation.