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Senator Rubio: A Debt Compromise That Kills Jobs Is Not A Real Solution

Jul 15, 2011 | Blog

Rubio: Our Compromise Has To Be A Solution

Senator Rubio: “I’ve always believed in a grander deal. I want to us do a lot of things. I outlined that three months ago when I said we need to do tax reform. We need to save Medicare and Social Security. We need regulatory reform. We need a spending cap. We need a balanced budget amendment. I wanted us to do this months ago, and I continue to say this is a great opportunity to do something really meaningful for the future of our country. But our compromise has to also be a solution. It can’t just be a compromise for the sake of avoiding this for another day.”

Rubio: New Revenue Should Come From New Taxpayers, Not New Taxes

Senator Rubio: “I think there has to be new revenues. I think the debate is: where does the new revenue come from? I think the new revenue comes not from new taxes but from new taxpayers, from economic growth, from the addition of new jobs, and I think tax reform will get us there. I think there’s broad bipartisan support for tax reform, for simplifying our tax code, for getting rid of things that are part of the tax code that are the result of good lobbying and not good policy. But our economy, number one, can’t afford any tax increases right now. Number two, it wouldn’t generate more revenue. And number three, it wouldn’t solve the debt problem. The tax increases the President is talking about don’t even buy us ten days’ worth of deficit spending, but they would kill a bunch of jobs.”