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Senator Marco Rubio’s Father’s Day Message

Jun 17, 2012 | Blog

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate all the fathers across the State of Florida and the country for the important role that they play.  I lost my father almost two years ago, but with every day that goes by, I learn more and more about how important an influence he has been in my life.

I learn not just from my father’s words but especially from his actions, from the example he set in our home and in our lives. He worked hard to provide for our family and he set an example that to this day influences me in a positive way. 

While I am privileged to serve as a U.S. Senator today at a critical moment in our history, I also recognize that the most important job I have is as a father and a husband. In fact, it is as a father and husband that I can make the greatest contribution to our country and to our future, and that is true for each of you as well.

We must take time also to remember those fathers who are serving our country overseas, the men who are laying their lives on the line for the freedom of others and for our safety and security. Our children will sleep safe tonight because these brave men are among the many brave Americans abroad fighting to protect us.

To all the fathers, Happy Father’s Day!