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Senator Marco Rubio Applauds Federal Court Ruling Declaring ObamaCare Unconstitutional

Feb 4, 2011 | Press Releases

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Marco Rubio today issued the following statement following a Pensacola federal court’s ruling that ObamaCare is unconstitutional:

“Today’s ruling marks an important step towards undoing a health care law that creates uncertainty for job creators, threatens Medicare as Floridians know it and lays the foundation for government-run health care. I commend Attorney General Pam Bondi for her leadership role in preventing ObamaCare’s unconstitutional federal health insurance mandate from becoming a burden to Floridians. I also thank former Attorney General Bill McCollum for initiating this lawsuit under his watch.

“Even before ObamaCare passed, it was clear to the American people that this legislation should not become law. It was clear to the American people who stood up at town halls and ballot boxes across the country and voiced their opinions against it. It was clear to the non-partisan Congressional Research Service, which raised the very concerns about its constitutionality that the federal judge in Pensacola ruled on today. Unfortunately, none of these warning signs compelled ObamaCare’s supporters to take a hard look at the error of their ways.

“ObamaCare was a mistake. However, we cannot leave this decision in the hands of judges alone. The Senate Democrat leadership should follow the House’s lead and hold an up-or-down vote to repeal ObamaCare. The optimal outcome for Florida and the American people is to repeal the federal health care law and replace it with common sense reforms that will lower health care costs and get more Americans insured.”