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Senator Marco Rubio Addresses The Challenges Facing America At Town Hall Meetings

Apr 28, 2011 | Blog

This week, Senator Rubio addressed hundreds of people at each of his town hall meetings in Pensacola, Daytona Beach and St. Augustine. His message that it’s time to seriously confront our debt crisis resonated with the local crowds and garnered headlines such as “National debt can no longer be ignored” and “Raising debt limit would be ‘catastrophic.’” Senator Rubio also touched on important local issues like the claims process from the BP oil spill in Pensacola, as well as issues around the world that affect all Americans, like Libya and Afghanistan.

Senator Rubio focused on the economy, saying that our debt is stifling job creation and discouraging foreign investment in the United States. Improvements in job creation, which will be a result of simplifying our tax code, striking down the burdensome health care mandate and limiting job-destroying regulation, will play a key role in helping the United States pay down its debt.

Finally, Senator Rubio even received praise for his support of tough but necessary reforms for our entitlement programs, noting that it’s his desire to save these programs that drives his efforts for reform. From the Daytona Beach News-Journal:

While he got big applause for agreeing to a need to reduce the size of government, Rubio doesn’t fall in line with those who hope to dismantle Social Security, Medicare and other progressive institutions. At every speech on the topic, he mentions how his Cuban-born mother depends on both programs, which he hopes to preserve for the future through careful reform.

“The good news is America can afford to have a safety net,” he said. “The bad news is we can’t afford what we have now.”