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Sen. Rubio: The Democrats Have Failed On The Budget

Apr 4, 2011 | Blog

Senator Marco Rubio Interview: America’s Radio News Network

Chris Salcedo: “It came out the day that Congress is getting back to work from being on vacation, on this debt issue, trying to get the nation’s spending under control. Sir, I was surprised to learn the U.S. House of Representatives has done 70 hours of debating on spending this year and they actually produced a bill. I was equally surprised to find out that Harry Reid’s Senate has only done 5 hours of debate on the budget crisis here and actually hasn’t passed a bill of its own. What’s the deal?”

Senator Rubio: “That’s right. Well, you’d probably have to ask him. I don’t know if you can get him on your program, but that’s exactly the question we’ve been asking: Why aren’t we focused on this debt issue and on this budget issue like a laser? Here’s the other thing this reminds us of: these guys were in charge last year – both chambers, the House and the Senate, and the White House. They didn’t pass a budget. The reason why we’re still talking about the ’11 budget is because they didn’t pass it last year. They didn’t want to do a budget. They did not do a budget, even though Democrats controlled every part of our government. So ultimately, that’s why we find ourselves in the predicament we’re in right now because they did not do their job last year and pass a budget.”