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Rubio Statement on Iranian Regime’s Latest Violation of Nuclear Deal

Jul 2, 2019 | Press Releases

Gainesville, FL U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) issued a statement after the Iranian regime once again violated the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) by violating the flawed nuclear deal’s limits on uranium enrichment. Israel last year exposed the regime in Tehran had egregiously violated the JCPOA by secretly maintaining an “Atomic Archive” that preserves Iran’s vast covert efforts to develop nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles for future use.
“Iran’s escalation of uranium enrichment this week is not the first time that they violated the flawed nuclear deal,” Rubio said. “The regime in Tehran still has not been held accountable for concealing from international inspectors its dangerous ‘Atomic Archive’ for rapid nuclear weaponization. Iran also continues to blatantly ship millions of barrels of oil to China, which has foolishly poured investments into Iranian oil fields and now wants to be paid back in cash or in kind. The Trump administration should take enforcement actions against the Iranian and Chinese governments, which appear to be clearly violating U.S. primary and secondary sanctions against Iran.”
“President Trump withdrew from the JCPOA last year because the American people deserve better than a bad deal that paves the Iranian terror regime’s path to nuclear weapons,” Rubio continued. “But the Iranian people also deserve better as they continue to suffer under the Tehran regime’s criminal corruption, massive economic mismanagement, and systemic human rights abuses, in addition to its support for terrorists, the murderous Assad regime, ballistic missile aggression, nuclear proliferation, and regional aggression.”
Rubio is a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. He is also Majority Administrative Cochairman of the Senate National Security Working Group. 

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