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Rubio Statement Following Jacksonville Shootings

Aug 27, 2018 | Press Releases

Jacksonville, FL – U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) issued the following statement today following a briefing with law enforcement on this weekend’s tragedies in Jacksonville:
“As the Jacksonville community works to recover from two terrible and senseless tragedies this past weekend, Jeanette and I are keeping the victims and all those affected in our prayers. I am thankful for our tireless first responders who are always there to answer the call, no matter how difficult. Earlier today, I was briefed by law enforcement on the shooting at the video game tournament, and I had the opportunity to visit with hospital administrators, trauma doctors, and survivors of Sunday’s attack. I remain committed to pushing for legislation that takes a multi-pronged approach to both addressing mental health and keeping guns out of the wrong hands.”

A timeline of Rubio’s efforts on gun violence following the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is below:

Timeline of Rubio’s Efforts to Address Gun Violence

February 16: Rubio visits Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

February 26: Rubio, Nelson, Deutch Urge DOJ to Approve Florida Law Enforcement Reimbursement Request for Parkland Response

February 27: Rubio Meets with Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students

March 1: Rubio announces his intention on the Senate floor to introduce legislation to reduce school shootings

March 5: Rubio introduces the Stop School Violence Act

March 5: Rubio co-sponsors the NICS Denial Notification Act with Senators Pat Toomey, Chris Coons, and Bill Nelson

March 5: Rubio calls on the Department of Education to tighten guidelines for reporting dangerous behavior at school to law enforcement

March 7: Rubio and Nelson outline bill on “gun-violence prevention orders” also known as “red flag”

March 7: Rubio co-sponsors a bill with 12 other senators to increase funding for school counselors, alarm systems, security cameras and crisis intervention training

March 8: Rubio Meets with Parkland Student Kyle Kashuv

March 13: Rubio, Hatch meet with Parkland student Kyle Kashuv, Ryan and Patrick Petty.

March 13: Rubio, Nelson and several other senators hold a press conference to promote the Stop School Violence Act

March 14: Rubio testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee to promote his plans to reduce shootings

March 14: Rubio meets with Parkland student Kyle Kashuv

March 20: Rubio, Nelson Introduce Bill to Allow Tax Deductions for Charitable Donations to Groups Supporting Parkland Families

March 21: Rubio Applauds Inclusion of STOP School Violence Act in Spending Bill

March 22: Rubio, Nelson, Reed Introduce “Red Flag” Bill

March 22: Rubio Introduces Bill to Ensure Schools Report Threats to Local Law Enforcement

April 6: Rubio: We’re Investing in What Works to Reduce School Shootings and Make Schools Safer

April 18: PHOTOS: Rubio, Nelson Host Experts and Leaders for National School Safety Forum

April 23: Following Rubio Request, DOJ Reimburses Florida Law Enforcement for Parkland Response

April 26: Rubio Urges Education, Justice Depts to Review Broward County Schools’ Discipline and Safety Policies

May 16: Following Recent Violence in Liberty City, Rubio Introduces Bill to Improve Safety Standards for Public Housing Tenants

June 5: VIDEO: Rubio Continues to Press Education Dept on Obama-Era School Discipline Guidelines

June 14: Rubio Secures $100 Million to Implement Stop School Violence Act

June 14: Rubio Secures Key Funding for STOP School Violence Act, Florida’s Environmental Priorities

August 24: Rubio Secures Key Funding to Address School Safety, South Florida Algal Blooms