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ICYMI: Rubio Joins Special Report

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined Special Report with Bret Baier to discuss the impending government shutdown, the possibility of a Saudi-Israeli normalization deal, and the indictment of Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ). See below for highlights and watch the full...

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Rubio Stands With States Challenging Obama’s Clean Power Plan

Feb 23, 2016 | Press Releases

Washington, D.C. U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) today issued the following statement regarding his participation in an amicus brief, filed in the case of West Virginia v. E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Agency) which urges the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals to invalidate President Obama’s Clean Power Plan:
“President Obama’s Clean Power Plan is one of the costliest regulations of all time. This executive overreach would have a devastating impact on affordable energy in exchange for little to no environmental benefit, and I am proud to join others in Congress in filing a brief urging the D.C. Circuit Court to invalidate the plan and put a stop to Obama’s executive overreach and costly regulation.
“The Clean Power Plan will result in the closure of dozens of power plants, killing thousands of jobs and jeopardizing the reliability of our national power grid. Our next president must stop it immediately.
“This case is also a firm reminder of the important role judges play to keep the federal government in check. The D.C. Circuit has ruled against President Obama’s overreaches before, but Senate Democrats have rubberstamped his nominees and reshaped the court. Senate Republicans must insist that President Obama not similarly tip the balance of the Supreme Court until the American people have a voice in determining who should replace Justice Scalia.”
In addition to Rubio, the amicus brief was also signed by 33 other senators and 171 members of the U.S. House of Representatives.
A PDF of the amicus brief is available here.