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Rubio Honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Jan 16, 2017 | Blog

Today we honor a man who dedicated his life to the advancement of civil rights in our nation. Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy has inspired generations of Americans, and I’m proud the American people come together today in his honor.

As we reflect upon the positive change Dr. King’s work brought to bear in our society, we also remember a shameful era of widespread, systemic discrimination and inequality. Through peaceful, constructive protests and speeches, Dr. King implored our country to realize the full potential of a core American ideal: that all of us are created equal by God and endowed with inalienable rights. The movement he led was rooted in faith and moral clarity, and advanced by Americans who had the courage to stand in solidarity with him, even if it meant physical threats, injuries, and sadly, sometimes death.

Our nation has come a long way since Dr. King’s life was taken. This week we are reminded of just how true that is as our nation’s first African-American president leaves office, and no doubt others will come as our nation’s future unfolds. Even with this progress, in recent years we’ve seen tragic events in our communities result in further anguish and division among Americans. Dr. King’s legacy, however, teaches us that we can turn even the most painful forms of hatred into catalysts for forgiveness, love, and progress. Through Dr. King’s powerful words and the example he set with his life, we have a vision of unity and brotherhood that we must continue to pursue today, so that the America Dream becomes attainable for more people of all races than ever before.‎

On this day of service and remembrance, we honor and renew Dr. King’s calls of equal opportunity and justice, so that his indelible words are forever ingrained in the spirit of America.