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Rubio Pushes For Flood Insurance Reform

Oct 1, 2013 | Press Releases

Remarks at Bipartisan Flood Insurance Press Conference

Senator Marco Rubio

Washington, D.C.

October 1, 2013


Senator Marco Rubio: “This is about people. This is not just about some government program. This is about people that are struggling as it is, especially that vast and broad American middle class which is the essence of what makes us special and different for the country. People are really struggling to make ends meet these days. They’re working harder than they ever have, but they’re making half as much. They’re struggling to get ahead. They owe a bunch of money because of their loans. They want to save for retirement so they can retire with dignity, and now find they have to work longer than they plan to because things aren’t going well.


“On top of that they’re going to get hit with these astronomical increases in their flood insurance. Now I don’t think anyone disputes that this program needs to be reformed. I don’t think that anyone disputes that this program as it is currently structured is not sustainable and needs to be reformed. But I also believe that needs to be balanced with the reality that these massive increases are highly disruptive to our real estate market and they’re highly disruptive to the lives of everyday people. 


“And so that’s why you see this bipartisan effort to look at what we can do in the short term to prevent these devastating increases, the impact it will have on real people, and how disruptive it will be to our economies in our respective states. And also hopefully, once we do that, put in place reforms that in the long term make this program sustainable.”