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Rubio Objects to Four State Department Nominees

Mar 21, 2024 | Press Releases

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) placed a hold on four individuals nominated by President Joe Biden. The U.S. Department of State nominees were reported out of committee despite vetting concerns and objections from several Republican Senators. 

  • “America must be represented by qualified individuals who are devoted to defending both our nation, our interests, and our values. These nominees are deeply concerning and I cannot, in good faith, support them or allow for expedited considerations.
  • “Enablers of the Chinese Communist Party, individuals who fail to take accountability for their actions, leaders unwilling to protect their employees, and individuals who fail to provide meaningful information to the Committee have no business representing our nation.”– Senator Rubio

A “hold” prevents the U.S. Senate from swiftly confirming the following nominees:

  • Robert Forden, nominated to serve as Ambassador to Cambodia; 
  • Margaret Taylor, nominated to serve as Legal Advisor to the Department of State; 
  • Erik Woodhouse, nominated to serve as Head of the Office of Sanctions Coordination; and,
  • Dr. Michael Sfraga, nominated to serve as Ambassador-at-Large for Arctic Affairs.