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Rubio-led Provisions to Become Law as Part of Annual Defense Bill

Dec 14, 2023 | Press Releases

The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives passed the Fiscal Year 2024 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which is set to become law. The final legislation includes multiple provisions led by U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) that will benefit Florida and strengthen U.S. national security. 

  • “This year’s defense bill is an important step towards ensuring a secure and innovative America. The NDAA contains a number of provisions I championed that strengthens the U.S. military’s mission to be ready to confront our adversaries. Further, the NDAA includes several provisions that will benefit Florida’s military installations, and our service members.” – Senator Rubio

Want more information? See below for a list of provisions.

The FY24 NDAA authorizes the following provisions led by Senator Rubio:

  • Warner-Rubio Intelligence Authorization Act. First introduced in 2022, this legislation authorizes funding, provides legal authorities, and enhances congressional oversight for the U.S. Intelligence Community. The reauthorization passed the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence unanimously, 17-0, in June 2023.
  • Rachael Booth Act. First introduced in 2021, this legislation fixes a gap in the way current law treats dependents of service members who have suffered from domestic abuse.
  • International Port Security Enforcement Act. First introduced in 2023, this legislation ensures that ports controlled by State Sponsors of Terrorism and Terrorist Organizations are automatically deemed as not having effective antiterrorism measures, and sanctioned through the International Port Security Program. This bill also guarantees that the U.S. Coast Guard does not share our nation’s port security protocols with terrorists or terrorist sponsors.
  • Enhancing Spaceport Operations Act. First introduced in 2023, this legislation supports the U.S. Space Force and commercial space launch providers, ensuring that the U.S. remains competitive with the threats from China and Russia.
  • Non-Recognition of Russian Annexation of Ukrainian Territory Act. First introduced in 2022, this provision is retained from the FY23 NDAA and prohibits any federal department or agency from taking any action, or extending any assistance, that implies recognition of Russian claims of sovereignty over any portion of the internationally-recognized territory of Ukraine.
  • Kaine-Rubio: Joint Resolutions Requiring Senate Advice and Consent for NATO Withdrawal. First introduced in 2021, this joint resolution prohibits any President of the United States from withdrawing from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) without the Senate’s advice and consent. 

The FY24 NDAA also includes the following provisions that directly impact Florida, including more than $622 million for military construction in the state:

  • Tyndall AFB: $252 million for natural disaster recovery plus $17 million for a fire station originally authorized in FY18.
  • NAS Whiting Field: $148.5 million, including $50 million for a helicopter training hangar.
  • MacDill AFB: $148 million, including $131 million for maintenance improvements supporting the KC-46A.
  • Eglin AFB: $15.5 million for Long Range Stand Off development and test facility.
  • Camp Blanding: $13 million, including $11 million for a multipurpose machine gun range, $1.2 million for planning and design of a training aids center, and $840,000 for planning and design of a wedge infantry squad battle course.
  • Patrick SFB: $42 million, including $15 million for Commercial Vehicle Inspection, $15 million to complete a communications center, $12 million for final denial barriers at the South Gate.
  • Army Reserve Center Perrine: $3 million to cover the costs of completing the Army Reserve Center. 
  • Air National Guard Jacksonville International Airport: $600,000 for F-35 Munitions Storage Area Administration Planning and Design.