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Rubio-Led Provisions To Be Signed Into Law As Part of FY23 National Defense Authorization Act

Dec 19, 2022 | Press Releases

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2023 includes a 4.6 percent pay increase for servicemembers, as well as critical Rubio-led provisions that will benefit Florida and bolster our national defense.

  • “This year’s defense bill will ensure that our military has the resources it needs to protect America, and that our brave men and women are taken care of. Though the NDAA is not perfect, it includes several provisions that I fought hard for and will deliver major benefits to Florida’s military installations.” — Senator Rubio

Want more information? See below for a list of provisions.
The FY23 NDAA authorizes the following provisions led by Senator Rubio: 

The FY23 NDAA authorizes the following provisions cosponsored by Senator Rubio:

  • Intelligence Authorization Act of 2023. Authorizes funding, provides legal authorities, and enhances congressional oversight for the U.S. Intelligence Community. 
  • Military Housing Affordability Act. Grants a two-year extension to the U.S. Department of Defense’s authority to temporarily adjust the basic allowance for housing rates for servicemembers living in higher-cost areas.
  • Taiwan Fellowship Act. Establishes a fellowship program for U.S. and Taiwanese government officials to spend up to two years in the other country.
  • China Censorship Monitor and Action Group. Establishes a taskforce to monitor and address the impacts of China’s censorship and intimidation strategies.
  • United States-Ecuador Partnership Act. Authorizes additional economic and governance assistance to Ecuador, including promotion of negotiations for a new trade and investment agreement, steps to counter local-level corruption, training for members of Ecuador’s legislature, restriction of illegal logging and mining operations, and the authorization of the transfer of excess Coast Guard vessels to Ecuador.

The FY23 NDAA also includes the following provisions that directly impact Florida, including $636.951 million for military construction in the state: 

  • The Water Resources Development Act of 2022, which includes key authorizations secured by Rubio for Florida
  • Camp Bull Simons: $4.75 million for a Child Development Center
  • NAS Jacksonville: $36.232 million for Engine Test Cells Modifications and $2.4 million for Facility Energy Operations Center Renovation
  • Tyndall AFB: $66 million for natural disaster recovery, $150.685 million for AETC Restructuring, and extends the authorization for construction on the Fire Station and several other projects at the base
  • Hurlburt Field: $9.1 million for SOF Human Performance Training Center
  • Marine Corps Support Facility Blount Island: $5.949 million for Communications Infrastructure Modernization
  • NAS Whiting Field: $141.5 million for an Advanced Helicopter Training System Hangar and $57.789 million for an AHTS Aircraft Flight Simulator Facility
  • Eglin AFB: $2.5 million for F–35A ADAL Squadron Operations, $4.1 million for F–35A Developmental Test 2–Bay MX Hangar, and $3.7 million for a F–35A Developmental Test 2–Bay Test Hangar
  • Air Force Research Laboratory at Eglin AFB: $530 thousand for a Shock and Applied Impact Laboratory
  • Gulf Test Range (Eglin AFB): $55 million for gulf instrumentation for hypersonics testing
  • MacDill AFB: $8.73 million for a SOF Joint MISO Web Operations Facility and $50 million for a SOF Operations Integration Facility
  • Patrick Space Force Base: $8.4 million for Underground Electric Distribution System, $7.3 million for a Water Distribution Loop, and $97 million for a Consolidated Communications Center
  • Gainesville: $21 million for a National Guard Readiness Center 
  • Camp Blanding: $8.5 million for an Automated Multipurpose Machine Gun Range and $16.2 million for a Scout Recce Gunnery Complex
  • Palm Coast: $12 million for a National Guard Vehicle Maintenance Shop 
  • Perrine: $46 million for an Army Reserve Center 
  • Jacksonville International Airport: $22.2 million for a F-35 Construct Flight Simulator Facility, $530,000 for the F-35 Munitions Maintenance & Inspection Facility, and $770,000 for the F-25 Munitions Storage Area Administration and Pad for the Air National Guard
  • NAS Jacksonville and Patrick Space Force Base: $18.58 million for energy resilience and conservation investment program projects