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Rubio, Jacobs Combat Heroin Problem

Jul 6, 2016 | News

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio came to Orlando to meet with Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs over the county’s increasing heroin problem. 
Mayor Jacobs pointed to the spike in deaths over drug overdoses.  “Rapid rise in deaths related to heroin here in our community, 600 percent increase in deaths since 2011.”  She says there simply are not enough ways to treat heroin addicts in Orange County.  “On an average day we have 200 heroin addicts in our jail. 200 heroin addicts going through treatment in our jail, and we only have 26 beds for the uninsured. So right now if you are a heroin addict and you need treatment, the best option is the jail, and that is not the way it should be.”
Sen. Rubio agreed that finding funding to treat the uninsured was essential and promises to help get it through Congress. He also wants a secure border to slow the illegal heroin trade.
Rubio says that much of the growth in heroin use has to do with pills being prescribed by doctors, and what happens when that medicine runs out.  “Even as we speak there are people that this week and this month will become addicted to an opiate, unbeknowing to them that they’re just taking a medicine, not knowing that it could lead them to a long life of addiction.”


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