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Rubio: “If We’re Not Willing To Fight On ObamaCare, What Issue Are We Willing To Fight On?”

Aug 1, 2013 | Press Releases

Excerpts from Interview on FOX News’ “Hannity”
Senator Marco Rubio
July 31, 2013

Senator Marco Rubio: “If we’re not willing to draw that line in the sand on ObamaCare, then what issue are we willing to do it on? I can’t think of a single thing that’s affecting our economy negatively more than ObamaCare is right now. This is not about shutting down the government as our opponents claim. This is very simple. This is about whether we are going to continue pouring money into a program that is basically eviscerating the American economy. It is forcing people to go from full-time work to part-time work. It’s costing people the health insurance that they have and are happy with. It’s costing them their existing relationship with the doctor that’s been seeing them for years. It’s hurting businesses from growing. It’s so damaging that even the employees union for the IRS – the very people in charge of enforcing this law – are begging to be let out from under this law. This is a critical moment. And for my fellow Republicans, I respect them all, but if we’re not willing to fight on this issue, what issue are we willing to fight on?”

FOX News’ Sean Hannity: “Mike Lee described it on this very program. He said, ‘This is not about a government shutdown because our debt, our obligations, Social Security, our military, everything would be funded except this.’ So at that point, if there’s a government shutdown, who would be responsible?”

Rubio: “That’s right. Well, the one who’s threatening to shut down the government is the President and his Democratic allies. What they’re basically saying is, unless the government funds ObamaCare, they won’t support it. They’re basically saying that unless we fund ObamaCare, they are willing to shut down the government. And I would submit to you that ObamaCare is not more important than our country, ObamaCare is not more important than our economy, and it’s their insistence on continuing to pour money into this broken and failed experiment that is threatening a government shutdown, not us.”

Hannity: “Well, and it’s costing billions. The President already got rid of the employer mandate or delayed it for a year, that’s costing $12 billion I read, that’s a lot of money.”

Rubio: “Just think about – think about the people that have health insurance now and they’re happy with it. They’re going to lose that health insurance. They have a doctor they’ve been seeing for the last 15 or 20 years, they won’t be able to keep going to that doctor. Think of working class Americans who right now are working 40 hours a week that because of ObamaCare are going to be cut back to 29 hours a week. Think about the small businesses that want to expand and grow but are afraid to do so because it would trigger the ObamaCare mandate. I’ve met these people, I’ve talked to these people. These are not billionaires, these are not millionaires, these are hard working class Americans who are on the verge of being punished because, as you said, this law was built on broken promises and promises it continues to break every single day.”