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Rubio: If ObamaCare Isn’t Important Enough To Solve, What Is?

Jul 31, 2013 | Press Releases

Excerpts from Interview on “The Hugh Hewitt Show”
Senator Marco Rubio
July 30, 2013

Senator Marco Rubio: “We’re the ones that are saying that we’re prepared to fund the government. [The President is] the one that’s saying he’s not prepared to fund the government unless it funds ObamaCare. And so the fundamental question that he’ll need to answer and his allies in the Congress will need to answer is: is ObamaCare more important than the country? Is ObamaCare more important than funding defense? Because I think that’s a false choice. I don’t think that they should put us in that position that they’re putting us in now, which says, ‘That unless the budget funds ObamaCare we are willing to go to a showdown.’”

Rubio: “I think that’s the critical question right now: can we hold enough Republicans? And I do think it’s a little bit discouraging that we have to convince our colleagues that this is an issue that’s worth going to the mat on, that this is an issue worth drawing a line in the sand. The question I’ve been asking today on the floor – we had a pretty extensive time to speak about it – and the question that I asked is: if Republicans are not willing to draw a line in the sand on ObamaCare, than what issue are we willing to draw a line in the sand on? I cannot think of a contemporary issue that is more damaging to the country and more important for us to solve than ObamaCare. Because every single day as it is being implemented, we are hearing horror stories of what it’s doing to jobs. What it’s doing to middle class paychecks. In my home state of Florida, the insurance commissioner announced that rates on individual policies could go up from thirty to forty percent. I mean, this is just devastating stuff. If we’re not willing to fight on that, what are we willing to fight on?”