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Rubio: Gatorland Is A Poster-Child For Obamacare’s Flaws

Jul 19, 2013 | Press Releases

Gatorland Is A Poster-Child For Obamacare’s Flaws
By Senator Marco Rubio
Orlando Sentinel
July 19, 2013,0,2874395.story

As Americans have learned more about Obamacare in the years since its passage, we’ve only become more worried about the damage it could inflict on our businesses, our communities and our families.

These concerns have intensified for good reason. While this bill was pitched as a program that would reduce the financial hardship facing many middle class families, it has rapidly revealed itself to be what we feared all along: a heavy burden on an already ailing economy.

Obamacare threatens to crush the small businesses that drive our economy and the middle class families that depend on these businesses for their livelihood.

Remarkably, even the president’s own administration has conceded that a key provision of the law that impacts small businesses must be delayed by another year. This is a telling admission by the administration, but one that is not near enough to stop the approaching disaster.

After all, if a bill is deemed too faulty to implement in the coming year, why should we expect it to do us any good the following year? The goal must not be to delay the disaster, but rather to prevent it all together.

If Obamacare is allowed to drop a financial millstone around the shoulders of America’s job creators, no sector of our economy will be free from the pain.

All over Florida and across the country, businesses already are wrestling with how to deal with this terrible law. In many cases, this is impacting their willingness to hire and expand.

One such business facing this serious issue is Gatorland in the Orlando area, which I’m visiting on Friday.

Most of us know Gatorland as a place we’ve taken our kids to see alligators and enjoy Florida’s unique wildlife.

But for about 135 Orlando area residents, it’s their workplace, their livelihood and how they put food on their families’ tables. Unfortunately, Obamacare is threatening to unravel all of this and shake the financial security these families rely upon.

At businesses like Gatorland, serious concerns have arisen about the increasing cost of employee health care. This is compounded by Obamacare’s upcoming requirement to provide a designated level of coverage to each of the company’s full time employees.

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