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Rubio Discusses Principles For Immigration Reform

Jan 28, 2013 | Press Releases

A PDF of the bipartisan framework for immigration reform is available on our website, here.

Senator Marco Rubio
Press Conference in Senate Radio-TV Gallery
January 28, 2013
Full Press Conference Remarks: 

Senator Marco Rubio: “I can just tell you that my view of it, and I think it’s reflected in the principles, is we clearly want to make sure that the enforcement mechanisms happen. And one of the things that we all hear from people is, ‘Well, you’re going to do the legalization part but you won’t do the enforcement part.’ And so we think the best way to guarantee that people feel comfortable with that is to put in place the following: an understanding that, in fact, the visa entry and exit system – which is something everyone recognizes needs to be done – and real progress in terms of having real improvement at the border are two things that are critical and that people need to see certified before we move to the final stage in the process. Not the legalization stage, but the green card process. Because I think that answers that question. And we are going to be realistic about that but we also want to be meaningful about that.”  

A broadcast quality version of Rubio’s full remarks are available in both English and Spanish, here. The remarks are also available on YouTube, here.