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Rubio Delivers Floor Speech on the Danger of Democrats’ Catch and Release Policies

Feb 5, 2021 | Press Releases

Miami, FL — U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) spoke on the Senate floor to discuss the danger of Democrats’ catch and release policies. Watch his full remarks here
Rubio: Starting seven days ago, if you arrived at the border of the United States with children, you were allowed to stay in the country with a notice to appear, a promise to appear… 
I have tremendous compassion for the extraordinary challenges and horrifying conditions in which people live in the Western Hemisphere and Central America and the like. 
There’s nothing compassionate about this policy, what this is doing, what’s happening right now and I have seen it, I’ve talked to people that are — and you can talk to the government officials in these countries — is these evil traffickers, who take money from these people, who push them through the jungles, who abuse on them, who sometimes kill them and do horrifying things, are now out there marketing this, they’re going around telling people throughout the Western Hemisphere, you can now get into the United States and come with children because if you do, they’re going to give you a little piece of paper and they’re going to let you go on a Greyhound bus anywhere you want in the country. And you never have to show up again. 
This is going to create chaos on the border, and it is inhumane to lure people to this country with a policy that is encouraging these traffickers to go out and do this to them.