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Rubio: Continuing Resolution Best Time To Stop ObamaCare Before It Begins

Jul 31, 2013 | Press Releases

Excerpts from Interview on “The Sean Hannity Show”
Senator Marco Rubio
July 31, 2013

Senator Marco Rubio: “If you look at the way it starts to be implemented in October, it starts kicking in. The exchange is supposed to go up. And I read today that Georgia has actually applied for an emergency stay because they are not going to be able to be up and running by October 1st with their state exchange. The Medicare Advantage changes are going to start coming in October, that is going to hurt seniors. These mandates start kicking in shortly after that. So, I just don’t envision another time between now and the time ObamaCare kicks in January 1st, where we are really going to have a chance to put the brakes on this.”

Rubio: “The President’s not going to sign a bill to repeal it so basically this budget is the last chance I think we have to make a significant dent in slowing it down. Because it is going to really hurt people. I don’t have to convince your audience of that, but how do we go back home to the people that elected us and say to them, ‘I did everything I could to stop ObamaCare,’ if people are prepared to vote for a budget that funds it?”