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Rubio Comments On President’s National Security Strategy Announcement

Feb 6, 2015 | Press Releases

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) issued the following statement regarding today’s national security strategy announcement by President Obama:

“Instead of promises of more leadership that will keep failing to materialize, President Obama needs to fundamentally realign his foreign policy approach to match the reality of the world we live in. While the President has been pursuing ‘strategic patience,’ and reassuring himself that not every problem can be solved by America, our enemies have had more time to challenge us, and the threats we face have proliferated. Meanwhile, our allies and partners have been left to plead for real, actual leadership instead of empty promises. 

“Much of the President’s national security strategy has actually been the personification of withdrawal and disengagement. We have seen the disastrous results in the form of thousands of deaths in eastern Ukraine after a failed ‘reset’ with Russia, the ongoing slaughter in Syria, the rise of new and even more brutal terrorist groups in multiple countries, the proliferation of terrorist affiliates of a group the administration told us was defeated, and dangerous diplomatic concessions to rogue regimes like Iran and Cuba. The United States and our allies have only begun to pay the price of this President’s fundamental misunderstanding of how the world works and what America’s rightful place in it must be.

“Instead of continuing the same failed approach, we need a renewal of American purpose in the world. America is not destined to be a follower of world events, patiently waiting and hoping that things go our way. It is our role as Americans to shape world events in a way that favors our security, our prosperity and, most importantly, the fundamental values we uphold as a nation. We need to rebuild our defenses, speak with moral clarity, back our words with meaningful actions, and realize that crises and instability directly impact our safety and economic well-being. 

“With only two years left in office, President Obama should take this opportunity to refocus on America’s rightful leadership role in the world. This document is just one more sign that President Obama fails to understand what needs to be done to safeguard America’s national security in an increasingly complex and dangerous world.”