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Rubio Celebrates America’s Return to the Moon with Video, Op-ed

Aug 26, 2022 | Press Releases

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) released a new video celebrating America’s return to the Moon in advance of the Artemis 1 mission launch on August 29. 

Rubio also made the case for continued investment in space in an op-ed on CNN.

  • “We cannot forget that the moment the US falls from power—the moment the [Chinese Communist Party] achieves global hegemony—is the moment totalitarianism and imperialism retake center stage in international politics.

  • “Mineral extraction, satellite communication and advanced weapon deployment are geostrategic assets of the future whose acquisition depends on control of space, and the CCP has its sights set on all of them.

  • “We must continue to pursue American greatness, in space and here on Earth, for our sake and the world’s. May that be a challenge that, in Kennedy’s words, ‘we are willing to accept, unwilling to postpone and…intend to win.’” – Rubio

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