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Rubio Applauds Senate Confirmation of Raag Singhal to be U.S. District Court Judge for the Southern District of Florida

Dec 19, 2019 | Press Releases

Washington, D.C. — U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) applauded the Senate confirmation of Anuraag “Raag” Singhal to serve as a federal district court judge for the Southern District of Florida. Rubio also submitted a statement for the record at Judge Singhal’s confirmation hearing in front of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, which took place on September 11, 2019.
“Today’s confirmation of Judge Singhal is further proof that that the Senate is committed to filling judicial vacancies with President Trump’s well-qualified nominees,” Rubio said. “Judge Singhal has lived and worked in Florida for 30 years, and he has extensive experience in the courtroom as both an attorney and a judge. He is committed to honoring professionalism, honesty, integrity, and ethics in his work and in the community, and I am confident he will exhibit and exercise those qualities on the federal bench.”
In 2019, the Senate has confirmed eight district court nominees for Florida, as well as two nominees to serve on the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, which handles federal cases in the states of Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.
In the 115th Congress, Rubio and Senator Nelson (D-FL) organized and led the Florida Federal Judicial Nominating Commission (JNC) to identify and recommend highly qualified individuals for consideration to become U.S. district judges in each of the three judicial districts in Florida. The JNC recommended 18 names for 9 vacancies, and since 2017, the Senate has filled those vacancies by confirming nine Florida district court judges recommended: Raag Singhal, Bill Jung, Roy Altman, Rudy Ruiz, Rodney Smith, Wendy Berger, Tom Barber, Kent Wetherell, and Allen Winsor.