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Rubio Applauds Ban on Chinese Telecom on U.S. Military Bases

May 2, 2018 | Press Releases

 Nassau, Bahamas – U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) released the following statement today after the United States Department of Defense took action to protect national security interests and counter the growing threat posed by Chinese telecommunications by banning the sale of telecommunications devices made by the Chinese firms Huawei and ZTE:
“I applaud the Department of Defense’s recent decision to block all stores on U.S. military installations from selling phones and telecommunications devices made by Chinese firms, Huawei and ZTE. We cannot allow the Chinese government and Communist Party to infiltrate the sensitive data of our government and people. While today’s announcement is a significant step toward safeguarding military personnel from this threat, we must go further and pass my bill to prohibit the U.S. government from purchasing or leasing devices from these foreign entities.”