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Puerto Rico’s Future

May 7, 2012 | Blog

This November, Puerto Rico will hold a plebiscite to determine its long-term status. The vote will consist of two questions. The first is whether Puerto Ricans want any change to the commonwealth’s current status as a U.S. territory. If so, the second question will be a choice between statehood and moving closer towards independence. If the Puerto Rican people vote for a change in status, the U.S. Congress would then have to ratify it.

On this matter, I will accept whatever choices a majority of Puerto Ricans make. Although some of my colleagues believe a change as consequential as becoming the 51st state or an independent nation should stem from a resounding vote, I have no such preconditions.

Recently, I had a chance to discuss this issue, along with many others, with 1270 AM Radio Luz’s Homan Machuca (Orlando) and 630 AM Noti Uno’s Enrique Cruz (Puerto Rico).  You can listen to these interviews (in Spanish) below:

1270 AM Radio Luz

630 AM Noti Uno