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As Florida's Senator, I value my relationship with constituents and encourage open communication. Internships are invaluable to those who participate, and they provide a youthful perspective of the state of Florida for my staff.

I know the value of internships as I held several in the initial stages of my career. Participating in public office at such a young age gave me the confidence and knowledge to pursue a career in public service, and I’m confident those who join us will gain just as much, if not more. Contributing to meaningful work supplements what our students are being taught inside our Florida classrooms, and I believe serves as a positive influence in both the college experience and the workforce.




Interns in Washington, D.C. will have the unique opportunity to build a robust understanding of the Senate’s role in government by conducting policy research, attending hearings, writing legislative reports, responding to constituent inquiries, and giving tours of the Capitol.

Interns in Florida will have the opportunity to see how the federal government interacts with our local communities. Intern duties range from conducting research for staff members, assisting in community outreach, working on special projects, and interacting with constituents seeking assistance from federal agencies.

Due Dates:

  • Fall session: July 1st
  • Spring session: November 1st
  • D.C. Summer session I (May - June): March 1st
  • D.C. Summer session II (July – August): March 1st
  • Florida Summer session: March 1st

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