Restoring Communities

America is made up of more than individuals and a government. It’s also made up of churches, schools, small businesses, and countless other mediating institutions. When they are strong, it is these institutions that connect neighbor to neighbor and provide a sense of community to everyday people. Unfortunately, they are currently tottering on the brink.
The Far Left now targets religion openly and weaponizes Washington against churches and faith-based charities. Transnational corporations with overseas factories have displaced mom-and-pop shops and left manufacturing towns in total collapse. Meanwhile, Big Tech has replaced real communities with “virtual communities” at the expense of millions of children’s mental health.
Senator Rubio meeting with local residents and community leaders
Senator Rubio speaking at U.S. Senate
In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic threatened to make everything worse. At one point, it looked as if government-imposed lockdowns might deal a death blow to Main Street. Thankfully, the Paycheck Protection Program stepped in to help small businesses keep their offices open and their employees on payroll. Thousands of firms were saved, and American communities could breathe again.
But other institutions didn’t fare as well. Progressive teacher unions kept schools closed for months. We will be living with the consequences of their selfishness for years. Not only did our kids suffer learning loss, they also exchanged real-world friendships for social media apps like TikTok, whose twisted algorithm encourages violence, self-harm, and suicide.
The forces that seek to destroy our communities must be reined in. If we become a nation of people connected by nothing more than politics and cell phones, we won’t last for long. As the American people rebuild institutions from the bottom up, policymakers must support their efforts from the top down – even if it’s just by getting out of their way.
Senator Rubio meeting with local residents and community leaders

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