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Photos: Rubio Tours The Villages Charter School

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) toured The Villages Charter School with Villages Charter School President Dr. Gary Lester. Rubio has long defended and supported school choice in Florida. While at the school, Rubio also met with members of the girl’s flag football...

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Rubio Habla Con Oscar Haza

“La Administración Biden nos ha puesto en una posición sumamente difícil, porque ahora Venezuela, a través de Maduro, está chantajeando a EE.UU.” El senador estadounidense Marco Rubio (R-FL) habló con Oscar Haza en Ahora con Oscar Haza de Zeta 92.3 y Mega TV, sobre el...

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On Senate Floor, Rubio Outlines Budget Priorities And Introduces Six Amendments

Mar 21, 2013 | Press Releases

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) today introduced six amendments to the Senate Democratic budget proposal currently being debated.  During a Senate floor speech this afternoon, he discussed his proposals to strengthen our economy and protect American businesses and families by preventing tax increases on the middle class, stopping new federal spending not offset by spending cuts, protecting the mortgage interest deduction from being used for more spending, reducing dangerous underage abortions, increasing school choice, and facilitating much needed reforms to the United Nations.

“The United States government should have a budget that reflects our priorities as a nation, and at the top of our priorities should be strengthening our economy, empowering the middle class and protecting American families,” said Rubio. “The Senate Democrat budget raises taxes and increases spending, which will strain America’s job creators and hurt America’s middle class.

“These measures will erase the toxic tax-and-spend provisions in the Democrat budget and better ensure that the priorities reflected in it are the priorities of America’s middle class instead of the priorities of a liberal base that has an insatiable appetite for tax increases and more spending,” Rubio added.

Rubio’s amendments include the following:

  • Amendment #287: to establish a budget point of order to prohibit consideration of any legislation that allows additional revenue to go toward new federal spending.
  • Amendment #288: to protect the housing market from being used to fund more spending by protecting the deduction for mortgage interest from being capped or eliminated to pay for new spending.  Click here to watch Rubio’s floor speech elaborating on this measure.
  • Amendment #289: to establish a deficit-neutral reserve fund to reform the United Nations with the goals of greater transparency, respect for basic human freedoms and effective nonproliferation.
  • Amendment #290: to establish a deficit-neutral reserve fund to provide low and middle income students more choices when it comes to elementary and secondary school opportunities.
  • Amendment #291: to create a budget point of order against any legislation that would increase taxes on middle income taxpayers.
  • Amendment #292: to prohibit the act of transporting a minor to obtain an abortion if this action evades the parental involvement law in her home state. It would also require abortion providers to notify a parent of an out-of-state minor before performing an abortion.