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Newly Sponsored Legislation

Jul 12, 2012 | Blog

Senator Rubio is a co-sponsor of S.AMDT.2506, an amendment to repeal ObamaCare. He believes ObamaCare is a disastrous bill that will limit the health care options of all Americans. As he recently wrote in the Orlando Sentinel, ObamaCare “is a job-killer that will drive up insurance premiums and jeopardize the ability of millions of Americans to keep the insurance coverage of their choice. For individuals not complying with Obamacare, it means the IRS will come calling if they fail to pay the Obamacare tax.” Over the past three and half years, President Obama has led our country down the wrong path and repealing ObamaCare is a critically important step back in the right direction.
Senator Rubio is a co-sponsor of S.2472, titled the Autism Spectrum Disorders Semipostal Stamp Act of 2012. This is a bill to provide for the issuance of a semipostal by the US Postal Service for research and projects relating to autism. A semipostal stamp, sometimes called a charity stamp, costs slightly more than a normal postage stamp and the proceeds are used to raise money for a particular cause. Senator Rubio has long been a champion for autism treatment and research and believes this will be a worthwhile way to raise funds and awareness about this important issue. His work on behalf of individuals and families impacted by autism dates back to his time as speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, when he fought to help children in Florida with autism get coverage for their treatments. See him deliver a speech to the chamber about it here.
Senator Rubio is a co-sponsor of S.1728, the Stolen Valor Act of 2011, which is a bill to establish a criminal offense relating to fraudulent claims about military service. Senator Rubio believes the heroes who serve in the United States military deserve to have their honor protected, just as they protect our freedoms every day. Their distinguished service must not be sullied by those who would mislead others by making false claims about military service. Such claims, which dishonor those who have served, should be treated as a criminal offense.
Senator Rubio is an original co-sponsor of S.3366, a bill to designate the Haqqani network as a foreign terrorist organization. The Haqqani network is an insurgent group that has made it their mission to attack and kill US-led NATO forces in Afghanistan. Senator Rubio believes they should be acknowledged for what they are, which is a foreign terrorist organization that is a threat to our brave men and women fighting for freedom overseas.
Senator Rubio is a co-sponsor of S.362