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National Charter Schools Week

May 6, 2014 | Blog

This week, communities across the country are coming together to celebrate National Charter Schools Week. We celebrate the many successes and achievements of charter schools, honoring the value of a quality education and its undeniable, profound effect on our children’s future.

As we are faced with new economic challenges in the 21st century, quality education is key to achieving the American Dream. During a time when parents are struggling to financially provide for the education their children deserve, charter schools have become a welcome and much-needed option for millions of our youth, while also empowering parents with more school choice. They ensure access to the kind of education our children need to thrive, and the kind of high quality education that many across the country would otherwise be left without.

Charter schools are grounded in the American values of innovation and efficiency, fostering educational opportunity. With over 6,500 of these schools in America, more than 2.5 million students are receiving quality education. And in 2013, the number of Florida charter schools has grown to over 570, with enrollment topping 200,000 students.

I remain deeply committed to building a strong middle class, and charter schools help advance this goal through innovative learning techniques and an accountable, transparent education system that equips our children with the tools needed to succeed.

Our children are the foundation of America, and education is the core of their success. This week, we celebrate the strides charter schools continue to make and we remain dedicated to ensuring access to the quality education that will help usher in a new generation prepared to make America’s future even brighter than its past.