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MYTH vs. FACT: Immigration Bill Not Being Rushed Through Congress

Jun 24, 2013 | Press Releases

MYTH: The bipartisan group is trying to rush the immigration legislation through Senate before members and the public have time to read the bill.

  • “[A]dvocates are planning to rush the controversial bill through the Senate before the public knows what is in it.” (Neil Munro, “Immigration Bill to be Released day Before Hearing,” Daily Caller, 4/12/13)
  • FAIR: “The Gang of Eight drafted their legislation in secret and are trying to rush it through Congress …” (FAIR’s Facebook Page, 4/17/13)

FACT: Many bills in Congress are given only a few days of consideration before they’re brought to a vote. Sometimes even less, like the fiscal cliff bill that passed on New Year’s Eve, only a few hours after it was written and introduced. That is wrong, and Senator Rubio has been clear: he will not support this legislation if it is rushed through. This legislation is currently available in full to read online and Senator Rubio has asked the American public to submit their ideas for the bill and will be actively sharing information – and correcting misinformation – on a public website. This legislation will receive multiple public hearings. After weeks of public review, the legislation will undergo the first round of amendments in the Senate Judiciary Committee in May. The Judiciary Committee Chairman has pledged to allow unlimited amendments and debate, and we expect the consideration of the bill to take weeks. If/when it is approved by the Judiciary Committee, it will then be debated and amended by the full Senate for several weeks. The earliest this legislation could pass the Senate is months after it is first introduced.

  • “[Rubio] sent a letter to Senator Patrick J. Leahy, the Vermont Democrat who is chairman of the Judiciary Committee, counseling against ‘excessive haste’ in changing immigration law.” (Ashley Parker, “Rubio, Amid Planning, Is Yet to Commit on Immigration Bill,” The New York Times, 4/5/13)
  • Chris Wallace: “The one thing that’s clear is that this isn’t going to be health care reform. It’s not going to be rushed through. It’s going to go through the committee process. There’s going to be hearings. There will be lots of amendments. And I think the only way to get buy in from some of those other 92 senators is going to be regular order, that is a very gradual slow way.” (Politico’s “Turn the Table,” 4/12/13)
  • Senator Marco Rubio: “I will not relent from the ongoing fight to ensure the American people’s voices are heard before any votes are cast on this important government reform, but one fact is true: no bill will be rushed through the Senate as a take-it-or-leave-it proposition.” (Letter from Senator Marco Rubio to Constituents, 4/16/13)