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Marco Rubio: GMF Is “Preying” On Residents At Problematic Apartments

Jul 6, 2016 | News

 Marco Rubio is calling for a federal investigation into how Global Ministries Foundation handled low-income apartments in Memphis.
GMF lost federal funding for Tulane and Warren Apartments after a FOX13 investigation exposed unlivable conditions. Senator Rubio is getting involved because GMF, which is based out of Memphis, owns apartments in Florida where residents are facing similar problems.
“You learn that the leader of this group, this so called reverend, is paying himself half a million dollars, along with his own relatives,” Senator Rubio said. “They’re cashing out, but not putting any money into maintenance.”
Rubio is asking a congressional oversight committee to hold hearing, which will force GMF owner Richard Hamlet to answer questions under oath on Capitol Hill.
“Virtually every property they seem to own around the country, they don’t maintain it,” Rubio said. “It’s become a slum, and they use government dollars to enrich themselves.”
GMF has gotten millions in federal dollar for the low-income apartments in Memphis and throughout the United States. Senator Rubio said investigators should look closely at the flow of the funds.
“They have the money to hire lobbyist and PR experts in Washington, but they don’t have the money to upkeep these properties that human beings are living in,” Rubio said.

As for Senator Rubio, he filed four amendments to a HUD bill that would, in part, change the inspection process.


GMF is also facing a lawsuit for bond money that was borrowed to buy the apartments.
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