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Local 10’s Calvin Hughes follows Senator Rubio to Haiti

Jan 17, 2012 | News

Senator Marco Rubio is in Haiti today to meet with the country’s leaders to discuss various issues concerning the rebuilding of Port-au-Prince and the nation’s future. Calvin Hughes is the only South Florida reporter with the Senator and is filing reports on the Haiti visit.

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – For pictures of Calvin’s trip to Haiti with Senator Rubio, click here.

9:29 AM – Port-au-Prince: We just landed with Senator Rubio, his wife Jeannette and three staff members. The Senator’s first meeting is with the U.S. Ambassador to Haiti, Ken Merten. Following that meeting it appears that we will meet with 5 CEO’s to discuss ways to promote business in Haiti.

9:50 AM – Port-au-Prince: The Rubio entourage, include me, are now leaving the Port-au-Prince airport.

10:26 AM – Port-au-Prince: Senator Rubio’s staff had requested us to make the Haiti journey with them after our reporting last year on the one year anniversary of the devastating earthquake. 

10:30 AM – Port-au-Prince: I am getting briefed on the visit by a member of Senator Rubio’s staff.

12:14 PM – Port-au-Prince: The Senator is now visiting the Institute for Human and Community Development. It is a school for restavecs… children who were sent by their parents to work as domestic servants because they cannot afford to care for the children themselves. The Senator receives a gift from the children in what is a bittersweet meeting, knowing what these kids have been through.

1:00 PM – Port-au-Prince: Senator Rubio is now meeting with business leaders (private sector and non-profit organizations).

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