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Life News: Marco Rubio Slams China’s New Two-Child Policy: They Will Force Women to Abort The Third Baby

Oct 30, 2015 | News

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio today slammed China’s new two-child policy, saying it will still allow the Communist government third to force women to aborted any children conceived after they have two children.

Despite the apparent good news that China is moving to a two-child policy, Rubio said the new policy presents enormous human rights concerns.
“For over three decades, China’s barbaric One-Child Policy has condemned approximately 37 million Chinese girls – who the policy deemed as unwanted or ‘surplus’ – to abortion, infanticide, abandonment and human trafficking. It has resulted in an unprecedented gender imbalance that will have lasting consequences,” he told LifeNews.
“While the decision to allow Chinese couples to have two children is a modest improvement, the policy is still repressive. The fact remains that when couples conceive a third child, the Chinese government will force them to eliminate him or her, by any means necessary,” he said.
Rubio continued: “A two-child policy is as indefensible and inhumane as a one child policy, and it would be a mistake to assume this change in anyway reflects a newfound respect for human rights by Beijing. The U.S. must continue advocating for the complete elimination of government-forced population planning as well as the fundamental rights of all Chinese citizens, including the unborn, to live up to their God-given potential.”

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