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Senator Marco Rubio On “The Sean Hannity Show”

Apr 4, 2011 | Blog

Senator Rubio: There Is No Plan Or Political Will To Deal With The Debt Crisis

Senator Rubio: “And then you add to that the fact that, here’s the bottom line is that we borrow $4 billion a day, and if everyone’s looking at this – global markets are looking at this, our enemies are looking at this, and they’re saying, ‘you know, the United States, if they continue doing what they’re doing now for much longer, there are going to be significant repercussions politically, monetarily, economically, socially, governmentally to that country, and they don’t have a plan.’ There is no plan or political will to get out of it, and that’s what troubles me the most is yes, there’s room for compromise in politics, but at some point, problems have to be solved, and either something solves the problem or it doesn’t. And it can be the nicest looking compromise in the world, but if it doesn’t solve the problem, why are you doing it? This debt is a function of math. It’s very simple. The government spends money it doesn’t have, and if it keeps doing that at this pace, in short order, we are going to have a very ugly situation on our hands.”


Senator Rubio: The Debt Is Impacting Job Creation

Senator Rubio: “And by the way, the connection that’s not made enough these days is the impact this debt has on the fact that jobs aren’t being created, the economy’s not growing. You can only create jobs by starting new businesses. You can only start new businesses if there’s investment money available. Who wants to invest in an economy that they believe is destined for higher taxes? And that’s what people around the world and the financial markets believe, and they believe that for two reasons: one, because the President says that’s what it’s destined for, and number two, because they see this debt, and they think, you know, this guy’s going to have to raise taxes to pay this stuff off. And so, they’re figuring out that maybe they’re better off investing that money in other countries, and that’s one of the reasons our economy is not growing and jobs are not being created.”