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Sen. Rubio On CNBC’s “Kudlow Report”

Jun 28, 2011 | Blog

On Raising Taxes In A Debt Deal

Senator Rubio: “I think clearly many in the Democratic base have said that they want that on the table. Unfortunately for them, and I think fortunately for the country, I don’t think there’s going to be support for that in Washington, including among many Democrats…

“I think ultimately the votes are not there, certainly in the Senate… but I know among Republicans the votes aren’t there. Because, number one, there’s no way you can tax your way to prosperity. Number two, our tax code is already a source of great uncertainty and worry and concern about the future. And number three, even if he wanted to, which I do not, there’s no tax they could raise that would accomplish the deficit reduction they’re talking about… if you raise to 100 percent the taxes on every rich American under their definition of rich, which is people making over $250,000 or more a year, it still wouldn’t make a dent on the debt.”

Sen. Rubio: “We Can’t Cut Our Way To Prosperity”

Senator Rubio: “We need to grow our way into prosperity, and that means economic growth. And government can be a facilitator of that in creating an environment where job creators are incentivized to create jobs. Job creators are not governments, they’re not presidents, they’re not U.S. senators. Job creators are everyday people from all walks of life that start a business or expand an existing business, and what we need are government policies that make it easier for them to do that and that encourage them to do that. So if that’s what the president means, I think that’s very good.”

On Raising The Debt Ceiling: “A Golden Opportunity To Confront The Issues That Stand Between Us And The Next American Century”

Senator Rubio: “This debt limit debate shouldn’t be just about the debt limit. It should be a comprehensive opportunity to deal with the issues that confront our nation economically. So I want some sort of regulatory reform. I want some sort of tax reform. I’d like to see us tackle or at least begin to tackle how to save Medicare and Social Security, or at least Medicare in the starting. I’d like us to see a balanced budget amendment. I’d like to see a spending cap. So these are the kinds of things I’d like to see in a package. I have said from the beginning that this debt limit debate is a golden opportunity to begin to confront the serious issues that stand between us and the next American century, which is what we have an opportunity to build here.”