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ICYMI: Rubio: Taxpayers Should Not Have To Bail Out ObamaCare

Oct 9, 2014 | Press Releases

Rubio: “What bothers me is simple, and that is that the taxpayer is once again on the hook for all of this.”

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio
The Lars Larson Show
October 8, 2014 

Senator Marco Rubio: “So where’s that money going to coming from? Well, the money is going to come from the taxpayer. It’s going to come from you and from me and from American taxpayers to bail out these companies who participated in ObamaCare and then are losing money on it.

“The point I’m making, and the letter that we sent today to Speaker Boehner, is if they’re going to spend taxpayer money, they have to come through Congress to do that because that’s appropriated funding. All the applicable agencies that have looked at it agree with us. This can’t just be President Obama unilaterally deciding to send them a check. He can’t do it, and he shouldn’t do it.”

Rubio: “The problem is once they [insurance companies] got into this business, they realized, ‘Hey, this is not as good as we thought.’ And then the President changed the rules on them, unilaterally, by deciding to waive the employer mandate and let people keep the insurance they had. So now they’re coming back and saying, ‘Hold on, it’s not working out for us anymore – we want to be bailed out with taxpayer money.’ And I just think that’s wrong.

“These companies should have folded, and said, ‘Look, sorry. We don’t want to participate in the exchange anymore. We were wrong to have supported ObamaCare.’ But no matter what,  we should not have to pay for it. We should not be bailing out another group of massive companies – like we did banks and others – because they have good lobbyists. We just shouldn’t.”

Rubio: “What bothers me is simple, and that is that the taxpayer is once again on the hook for all of this. What bothers me is I go in the Capitol, and I run into all these lobbyists crawling all over the Capitol fighting on behalf of these insurance companies who want their money. But our job is to fight on behalf of the taxpayer whose money they want. And it isn’t fair to the taxpayer.

“Now, I think it’s terrible that some of these companies are going to suffer some losses because they participated in ObamaCare. But the taxpayer shouldn’t have to pay the price for that.”