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ICYMI: Rubio Takes Stock of American Men

Sep 4, 2023 | Featured, Press Releases

This Labor Day, there’s a crisis of working and non-working men. Here are 5 things we need to do

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)

September 4, 2023

Fox News

This week, my office will publish a report…titled “The State of the Working (And Non-Working) Man,” [which] details the problems men face in their vital role as providers…. Unfortunately, the evidence is clear that working-age men are not doing well at all….

Some might wonder how this could be, since national unemployment is near a record low. The problem is hidden out of sight, driven by a slow erosion of workers’ earning power…. [M]illions of men—predominantly blue-collar and less educated men—can no longer provide a middle-class life for their families.

As big a problem are the millions of men who have defected from the labor force entirely and spend their days in idleness—or worse. Last year, there were seven million men missing from the labor force and 10 million total without work….

[F]ewer boys have involved fathers today. Many have no positive male role models of any kind. The headlines are full of the tragic consequences. Men and boys are depressed, lonely, angry, and even violent—toward themselves and others….

What is the root cause of men’s present woes? There is no single culprit behind the carnage, but our report identifies five factors that are particularly worthy of attention: deindustrialization, open borders, corrosive welfare programs, changes in education, and recent revolutions in American culture and technology. We must respond to these factors head-on….

If this sounds like an ambitious task, that is because it is. But it is also the only way for our nation to escape decline…. We will need good men with dignified work, stable families, and strong communities to meet the tremendous challenges ahead….

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