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ICYMI: Rubio: Stop Foreign Adversaries from Corrupting American Schools

Dec 7, 2023 | Press Releases

Stop foreign adversaries like China from corrupting American schools

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)

December 7, 2023

New York Post

Before lawmakers headed home for turkey and cranberry sauce, the bipartisan, bicameral US-China Economic and Security Review Commission issued its annual report to Congress. Among its 30 recommendations: a request that the House and Senate “address China’s state-sponsored influence and interference” in the American education system….

[W]hile many colleges and universities are ditching their Confucius Institutes, others are maintaining them, with still others allowing them to reconfigure under different names and arrangements. Our grade schools, meanwhile, are prey to a nationwide network of Confucius Classrooms that peddle the same Communist propaganda but to more impressionable K-12 students. 

Chinese investors are also expanding their control over and even attaining some ownership of what one of the CCP’s English-language mouthpieces calls the “lucrative” market of American private schools…. Last but not least, there’s the dirty little secret that the American academy has taken countless dollars from Chinese entities in contravention to federal law.

Beyond China, there are other concerning “donors” to our colleges and universities. Consider that the Qatar Foundation, an organization owned by the Qatari government that provides safe haven to Hamas’ leaders, has given more than $600 million to Northwestern University since 2007. Then consider that Northwestern refused to condemn Hamas’ October invasion of Israel…..

This has to stop. The flow of foreign money into American schools has risen greatly, so it’s time for Congress to ensure greater transparency…. Congress should also enact bans and work with state governments to prevent schools from entering into relationships with adversarial governments and their controlled entities….

I have introduced a bill, the Protecting Education from Malign Foreign Influence Act, which would accomplish all this and more…. If lawmakers are serious about safeguarding our national interest, they will jump at the chance to counteract the dark money and shadow warriors that are corrupting American schools.

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